Explain What is a good society?”

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Assignment Question

What is a good society?”

You have examined this idea through the rise and development of modern nation states with particular focus on the debates surrounding absolute monarchy.

Drawing evidence fro the historical readings for this week, compose an essay on absolute monarchy.

This is a history thesis-driven paper, which means you must make an argument about something related to how people thought or what the consequences were of certain actions or attitudes in the past, using the writings of people who lived in the period you’re studying.

Do NOT make an argument about how absolute monarchy was bad (or good), or something was or was not aligned with Christian belief, or anything that cannot be supported using historical material. Your job is to provide insight into the past, about some particular aspect of absolute monarchy, that you came to through careful and repeated readings of the required primary documents.

You may draw information from the lectures to help provide context but your references to lectures in your paper must be minimal. The evidence for your argument must be drawn from the historical readings. There are a range of issues you may choose to focus on such as arguments for monarchy versus arguments for representative government, the roles and responsibilities of monarchs, the strategies to establish absolute monarchy, and so forth.

Choose one of these or take your own direction. This essay should be based on the historical readings from the course.

Do NOT use outside sources for this paper. Use of outside sources can result in a failure, even a zero, on the paper. Based on your reading and analysis of the historical documents, write an essay based on your thesis statement. A thesis is a focused argument based on your reading of the historical documents.

Be sure to develop a strong, specific thesis and provide evidence to support your argument.

Requirements: The essays should be 1000-1250 words in length. While minimal references to the lectures may be utilized, the paper should primarily rely on the historical documents to support your thesis. Remember, this is not a theological paper.

References to the Bible or Christian belief will not be considered for evaluation purposes. Citation: Any form of citation (e.g., APA, Turabian) is allowed as long as you remain consistent throughout the paper. Citations, including in-text citations, do not count towards the overall word total. thesis: base it on this: the British monarchy. How those who are in the bloodline of the monarchial government are disadvantaged when they are not a direct heir to the throne, etc.