explain to them the financial and legal implications,

Assignment Question

Knowing you’ve just graduated from college with a degree in marketing, a family from your hometown asks you to investigate the pros and cons of investing their time and money in a fast-food franchise.

The family wants you to (1) recommend a franchise in which they can invest, (2) explain to them the financial and legal implications, and (3) choose a location for the business. Research Chick fil a and write a report providing answers to their questions Case Study: This is where we take the information gleaned from the literature review and put into practice. The problem you are examining will draw upon the material you read.

Now illustrate those parallels in this section. If the literature says a problem is present when this symptom is occurring, show us how it is happening in your problem. (Example: if low worker morale is a symptom of high labor turnover, illustrate how that is happening in your case study.) My literature review topic are chick fil a trusted brand, financial and legal implications, and location selection strategies