Explain the ethical failure of the company’s decision, apart from violation of law.

Choose ONE of these three (3) case studies* as the subject of your presentation. M F Global (2013) Equifax security breach (2017) Hooker Chemical and Plastics Corporation and its Successors — Love Canal Disaster (1953) *You must conduct more research about the company, the law, ethics, and issues in the case study for your presentation. When you have selected your case study, research and cover the points listed in the instructions below in a well developed PowerPoint presentation. These instructions provide guidance about how to organize the slides and the minimum number of slides for the required content. INSTRUCTIONS: (Also see Grading Rubric.) This 12 slide outline is a minimum; you might wish to use additional slides for some segments of the presentation. The outline identifies how to organize the content areas of your presentation. You will see that the rubric follows this outline. Each slide should display key bullet points supplemented with Speaker’s Notes in the speaker’s note space below the slide or as an audio or video narrative. Slide 1 – Title Slide (title of topic/presentation, your name, course, prof., date) Slide 2 – Agenda slide – Simple outline of the presentation so your audience knows the topic and where you are going. Slide 3 – at least one slide – (An introduction of the company) Introduce and briefly describe the company and the nature of its business and corporate business environment. Do not spend a lot of time on the history of the company as a business, but do describe sufficiently to create meaningful context. For some of these case studies, history will have significance. Slides 4 & 5 – at least 2 slides: explain facts of the case study; identify the decisional dilemma and succinctly state the 2 choices the company had at the critical point in time; the choice the company made; the choice the company should and could have made instead (and why). Slides 6 & 7 – at least 2 slides: Identify and explain the statutes and regulations implicated and violated – or potentially violated – by the company’s conduct. Be specific, and explain: • the purpose of the law; and • how the company’s conduct violated or might have violated the law. Slides 8 & 9 – at least 2 slides: Explain the ethical failure of the company’s decision, apart from violation of law. Present an analysis and explanation of an ethical course of conduct and reasoning that the company leadership could have followed to reach the better decision you identified at no. 3 above, to both follow the law and meet the higher goals of the company. Apply and explain at least one ethical framework studied in Week 1 that would have led to the better decision if followed by the company. Slide 10 – at least 1 slide: Recommend a take-away lesson for the business management of ANY company that is a lesson to be learned from this case study. What is a recommended business practice? Do not overly generalize. Be specific. Slide 11 – at least 1 slide: Conclusion – your wrap-up—3 bullet points summation of case study relevancy; law/ethics; recommendation. Slide 12 – at least 1 slide: References slide – References are listed on the Slide, not in the speaker’s notes – Minimum five (5) credible sources that support your material in the PPT. These should also be cited in the PPT Speaker’s Notes to support your narrative, in APA short form. If you are giving an audio presentation, you can include a source by saying something like, “An article by ___________ in ____________ explains how the ethic of care supports successful management decisions.” Also include where necessary on your slides. Please see the tutorial listed above on how to apply APA in PPTs. AVOID THESE SOURCES: Dictionaries, encyclopedias — including Investopedia in general — Wikis, and the like, and Internet generic quick-answer websites are not acceptable to populate your Reference list. AI-generated material as source and narrative is not acceptable. Use your text, required readings, peer-reviewed articles, law, and other credible sources for your research authority. If you were giving this presentation to your CEO, s/he might well say, “You know, I can read a dictionary. I can chat with a robot myself. I need to hear what the experts and the law are saying about this. And I want to hear your own original analysis. It’s what I’m paying you for.” If you were the CEO what would be your expectation? APA 7th Edition formatting required for References citation as presented in a PPT. See sources provided above for preparing a PPT.