Explain how you tailor your application letter and resume to this job and employer?

Perhaps some of the highest stakes documents you’ll create in your professional career will be job application materials. This assignment will give you to opportunity to refine and develop any materials you might already have and practice tailoring those materials to a specific employer and job posting. Conduct a job search for openings and find a job you could reasonably see yourself applying to, either now or after you have earned your degree. Feel free to use the job posting you found for this week’s discussion and the research you conducted into the organization. Or choose a new job posting. (below is the Link to the job posting you can use for the assignment ) https://www.kaiserpermanentejobs.org/job/sacramento/staff-nurse-ii-labor-and-delivery-so-sacramento-24-hour-nights/641/55616343536 Please use the reading attached to do the in text citation and reference Assemble the following in a single document: Page 1: A screenshot of the job posting and a link to the job posting online. Page 2: A single-page job application letter, formatted according to the guidelines for business correspondence in this week’s reading, and specifically tailored to the job and employer you’ve chosen. Page 3: Your resume, tailored for the job and the employer. (You may adapt this from your existing resume if you have one) Page 4: A 200-word reflection on your job package, addressing the following: How did you tailor your application letter and resume to this job and employer? Be specific and detailed in your response. How satisfied are you with your two documents? Do you still see any room for improvement? What did you find most challenging about this assignment? Rubric for the assignment: Structure and Organization 25% Submission meets minimum length and does not exceed the maximum length as assigned. Each of the assignment’s 4 required components are present. When applicable, work shows logical flow from one topic to the next; transitions are used. Body 25% The submission is organized according to the specific requirements of resumes and/or application letters as outlined in the textbook and contains the required features of the utilized format. Formatting 10% Submission uses formatting, layout, and text design appropriate to resume or application letter formats as outlined in the textbook. Any special formatting required as outlined in the assignment prompt and instructor’s notes are followed. Mechanics 20% Spelling, punctuation, and grammar are correct. Both sentence and paragraph structures conform to current conventions. Reflection 20% The submission includes a reflection that directly addresses the required questions/prompts along with supporting explanations.[order_button_c]