Explain how to develop thesis statements based on an analysis of other people’s work in English Composition 1101.

CHAPTER 16 Learning by Doing Examining Thesis Statements. ASSIGNMENT: Purpose: Learn the importance of thesis statements in academic writing and how a thesis helps develop essays. Task: Read Chapters 15 and 16 in the Achieve eBook or physical textbook and complete the Learning by Doing Examining Thesis Statements exercise on page 269. Answer the questions about each thesis statement. All college essays or academic writing must have a thesis statement. It is how we communicate to our audience the purpose of our papers. We learned how to develop thesis statements based on an analysis of other people’s work in English Composition 1101. In this course, you will learn how to create a thesis (your stance or argument) based on your view on topics. This skill will strengthen the more you develop thesis statements in other essays in your other college courses. 2) The Disconnect from Higher Education Instructions: Purpose: Learn how others incorporate credible research to prove their thesis right. Task: In Chapter 24, read “The Disconnect from Higher Education” by Victoria Rosenboom and Kristin Blagg. ONLY RESPOND TO QUESTIONS 1-4. Respond to the questions as thoroughly as possible to increase reading comprehension and writing skills. Your answers should be 5-8 sentences to prove your understanding of the article. Provide examples from the text to prove your understanding. Also, use the information from this article to further inform your main argument on food deserts. Completing this assignment will add to your knowledge base about the topic of inequality and prepare you for the Departmental Reading Exam since we will have to answer questions about an article. PLEASE NOTE: OPEN THE D2L PLATFORM MENU, CLICK CONTENT AT THE TOP MOST OF THE D2L MENU, ONCE IT OPENS, LOOK AT THE LEFT AND SCROW DOWN TO Module Three: Food Desert Project THEN CLICK IT AND ONCE IT OPENS SCROW DOWN YOU WILL SEE THE ASSIGNMENTS ( FOOD DESERT PROJECT AND THE DISCONNECT FROM HIGHER EDUCATION) PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU WANT TO ACCESS THE E-BOOK, CLICK CONTENT, ONCE IT OPENS LOOK AT THE MIDDLE OF YOUR COMPUTER OR LAPTOP SCROW DOWN DOWN AND CLICK ( ARCHIEVE E-BOOK AND MODULES. ONCE IT OPENS, LOOK AT THE MIDDLE AND CLICK ARCHIEVE ACCESS, THEN YOU CAN ACCESS THE E-BOOK.[order_button_a]