Assignment Question

ASSIGNMENT IN BRIEF Write an 6 page historiographic essay that explains how the history of a topic has been written. By comparing and contrasting the works of different historians (or other scholars), identify the major themes, concerns, debates, areas of agreement, areas of disagreement, use of sources, or anything and everything, that appears to explain the historians’ approach and focus on a topic. This is otherwise known as a “literature review” in other academic fields.

1. Choose a research topic (it can be anything relating to anything in American history, society, or culture).
2. Find three academic journal articles to compare and contrast. (You can choose to do more than three, but three is the minimum)
3. You must use the JSTOR database to find your articles (Link to JSTOR).
4. Write a college-level term paper that explains how different scholars have studied your topic based on the articles you selected.
5. The paper must provide an analysis of the articles’ authors’ arguments, claims, and evidence and provide a conclusion that provides the result of that analysis (your opinion and interpretation based on your reading of the sources) that arrives at a statement about the study of the chosen topic (not the topic itself). 6. All sources must be academic journal articles and must be cited using the following guide: Citation Guide for Journal Articles Rationale: Every topic has its own historiography. A historiography is the body of work by written by different scholars that have covered the topic. Since historians often differ on the “whys” and “hows” of history, every historian must account for the way in which their interpretation differs from that of other historians who have addressed the topic. This type of history writing is known as a Historiographical Analysis. In other academic fields this may be called a “literature review” (economics, political science, computer science, etc…) we just have a fancy term for it in history. YOUR ASSIGNMENT IS TO EXPLAIN HOW THE HISTORY OF A TOPIC HAS CHANGED, EVOLVED, OR OTHERWISE BEEN APPROACHED BY DIFFERENT RESEARCHERS… YOU ARE NOT WRITING A HISTORY OF YOUR TOPIC, you are writing an analysis of how that topic’s history has been written. Analysis: A historiographical analysis requires that you look for patterns, comparisons, and contrasts in the works you are analyzing. How each historian approached the topic will be unique onto itself. That makes focusing on their differences easy. Each may have used different sources, reached different conclusions or focused on an unusual aspect of the topic. So it is paramount that you read each article carefully, including any footnotes or endnotes to find which aspects of each article is worth discussing in your paper. However, a historiographical analysis IS NOT a collection of summaries for each article. Instead, you need to place them in conversation with each other. As you read each article keep notes on what themes ( ideas, concepts, and sources) are used by the authors, and identify areas where the articles overlap. Whenever you identify an theme where two or more authors overlap in their works, that is a good candidate for writing one or more paragraphs explaining how each author has approached that theme. If you need help with this assignment, let me know and we will sit down with your articles and talk it through. FORMAT CHECKLIST: + Use one-inch margins + use 12pt font Times New Roman. + Essay must be double spaced. + Length should be a minimum of six pages of body content (not including the bibliography). It may be longer. + No Cover Page. + Header (that is your name, class, date) should be no longer than four lines single-spaced and on the first page only. Subsequent pages should only have your last name and page numbers. + Essay must have a title that describes your essay in one sentence and in an academic fashion. (e.g. “Historiography of Anti-War Protests in 1960s America”) + Essay must have an introduction and conclusion. + Essay must be organized in paragraphs. + Essay must use footnotes. + Essay must have a Bibliography with sources, properly formatted. (This is not part of the required page length, this is in addition of the six pages) + Students should use the preferred citation style of History (Chicago Style or Turabian’s) to cite their sources in the body of the essay, as well as in the style of the bibliography (See Citation Guide for Journal Articles). + Essays must be typed in 12pt Times New Roman font, double spaced, with one inch margins. + Final product must be STAPLED together and turned in on the due date. RUBRIC – The Paper will be graded on four separate criteria for a total of 50pts. 1) Your ability to follow instructions as laid out on this page – 25pts. 2) Your ability to analyze academic writing at the collegiate level – 10pts. 3) The logical progression of the argument you present wherein each claim is supported by evidence – 10pts. 4) A proper introduction and conclusion – 5 pts.