Explain how does your approach to your zine help say something about your topic that is otherwise hard to communicate in traditional research?

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Assignment Question

Assignment #4: Zine & Zine Reflection: The overall value of this assignment is 25%. There are two components. The zine (5%) and the Zine Reflection (20%). They have different due dates but since they are both part of the same assignment, they will be graded at the same time.

Upload to course site anytime. 800 words You have been asked to create a zine with a feminist lens that pushes back against dominant systems of knowledge and ways of knowing. Your Zine Outline, Zine, and Zine Reflection are all connected. They are all part of an assignment process that asks you to think about epistemologies – ways of knowing and creating knowledge- which we have discussed throughout the course. Zine component: 5% While you will not be assessed on the creative or artistic ‘skill’ of your zine, you will be graded on these required components: 8-pages. Size of page: ½ of 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper Balance of approximately 40% text and 60% image (ie drawings, pictures, photos) Include a title page with a title that is effective in conveying your key message and accurately sets up topic/focus.

Includes your name, student number, course code and date as well. Include a clear introduction that discusses your focus, and the message you are trying to share. The introduction should capture the reader’s attention and clearly lay out the overall theme of the Zine. Conclusion: How do you want to end your zine? What message do you want the reader to leave with? Whether comprised of images or text or both, create an ‘ending’ or closure to your zine. Bring your zine to the last class, We will have a ‘showcase’ of zines Note: The only change from the original instructions as on the quercus site is that no scholarly sources required on the zine.

Write a reflection on how your zine critiqued/reimagined/retold and/or portrayed your topic. In other words, address how your zine pushed against the dominant systems of knowledge on that topic. Also address these questions in your Zine

Reflection: How does your approach to your zine help say something about your topic that is otherwise hard to communicate in traditional research? Apply the concepts of feminist and intersectional approaches to research in your discussion. Talk about the choices you made and any limitations you had with regard to the materials of your zine, and expressing your message. What was your vision? Explain if it was compromised in any way by the materials, skills, etc. available to you.

Identify and incorporate 3 relevant academic/scholarly sources to contribute to your reflection. (Use Proper MLA citation style. See course quercus site for reminders of MLA formatting) Your Reflection will be assessed on the above criteria as well as: Organization and clarity of expression – flows cohesively from one idea to another with a logic the reader can follow.