Explain and examine the threat that climate change has to homeland security.

Module 3 – Case THREATS TO THE HOMELAND Assignment Overview It is important to understand the various threats that can impact homeland security. For this assignment, you will write several short-answer essays, covering the various topics presented in this module. You should have at least two robust paragraphs for each answer, such that your entire paper is 2-3 pages. Be sure to provide a heading for each answer. You must use the textbook for your assignment, but may conduct additional research. Case Assignment What threats to homeland security does transnational crime create? In your answer, address the relationship between transnational organized crime and terrorism. Define the six main categories of material hazards. Provide a specific historical example of each where the hazard was used intentionally and an example of where the hazard was the result of an accident. Analyze some of the challenges to current counterterrorism approaches. Discuss both organization and strategy in your answer. How might these challenges be mitigated? Examine the threat that climate change has to homeland security. Address the impact to human, environmental, weather, and social elements. Assignment Expectations Support your paper with citations. Refer to Trident APA Basics on how to properly do so. Your paper should be 2 -3 pages.