Do you have a succinct, distinctive, and memorable personal purpose statement?

Prompt Update your action plan (within your personal strategic plan) to reflect the feedback you received from your peers in Unit 7. Conduct a thorough review of your personal strategic plan, verifying that it is comprehensive and each element in your plan aligns. Use the questions below to check for alignment. Is your personal mission statement brief, unique, and memorable? Are all long-term and short-term goals written in SMART format? If you achieve your two long-term goals, will you have made progress toward achieving your personal mission? Will achieving your long-term goals help OU’s Organizational Leadership program achieve its BHAG? Will achieving your short-term goals help you to achieve each long-term goal? Are the actions/tasks outlined for achieving each short-term goal sequential? If you accomplish the actions/tasks, will you achieve each short-term goal? Have you included a timeline for completing each task? Have you identified any potential obstacles to task completion and what you might do to overcome each obstacle?[order_button_a]