Dissertation Paper: Strategies for Promoting Sustainable Economic Empowerment for Women in Iraq

Write a paper on the following topic: Iraqi women’s sustainable economic empowerment through dissertation paper strategies.. Results and Discussion (Chapters 4, 5, 6): I need to comprehensively write these sections based on the formulated hypothesis and research questions. It’s crucial that these chapters align closely with the university’s guidelines. Chapter 1: Introduction: This chapter requires a review and revision to ensure it sets a solid foundation for the paper, following the Oxford Brookes University standards. Chapter 2: Methodology; Chapter 3: Literature Review: Both of these chapters also need revisions to ensure they are in line with the university‚Äôs guidelines and the overall direction of the research. The current structure of the paper lacks overall framing and alignment. I am seeking your expertise to address these issues while ensuring strict adherence to the Oxford Brookes University dissertation guidelines. Enclosed, you will find the University Dissertation Handbook along with my paper. Please review my notes and comments, and guide me on aligning each part of the paper with the handbook guidelines. Your detailed feedback and suggestions will be invaluable for aligning my paper with the required academic standards[order_button_a]