Discuss your client’s presenting problem and the goal that you have chosen to focus on for this intervention and evaluation plan.

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Intervention and Evaluation Plan This assignment is an opportunity to think critically about selecting your practice framework when working with clients. In your work with the client you will practice from the strengths and ecosystems perspectives and base your intervention in person-centered theory. You will use the action plan that you created for your client as the basis for this assignment. The goal is to determine what practice model and culturally responsive techniques you will utilize to help your client most effectively reach their goals, and how you will evaluate progress towards the goal. Think about where the client is in terms of their readiness for change and what kinds of conversations you would need to have with them to intervene most effectively in their change process. use both of the identified goals from your action plan and build your intervention and evaluation plan around the work you will do with your client to help them meet that goal. Content requirements: Introduction: Discuss your client’s presenting problem and the goal that you have chosen to focus on for this intervention and evaluation plan. Select one model from the options below and discuss why the model is most appropriate for a generalist practitioner who is working with your client. You will use the textbook and research to discuss why this model is appropriate (and would be helpful) for use with your client. Support your decision with two articles from peer-reviewed journals. The articles must be related to social work practice and as closely related to your client’s demographics or circumstances as possible. Articles can be found through the FIU Library and/or Google Scholar. The articles should back up your choice of model. Discuss how you would use psychoeducation with your client as part of your practice framework. The psychoeducation model is not meant to be standalone, but rather complements the work done in other practice models. How would you use psychoeducation to support your crisis intervention or task-centered work with your client?What tools, techniques, and/or activities would you use? Be specific. Select and discuss three techniques that you will use with your client during the intervention that will help them move along in their planned change process. Crisis Intervention Model, Task-Centered Model Discuss why you selected the technique. Discuss, in detail, what changes/tasks are on their action plan and how you will use the techniques you selected when talking to your client about the changes/tasks identified. Example: Using role reversal and/or role play to practice a job interview with a client to help them understand and practice what that encounter will be like with the hopes of helping them decrease their anxiety about the encounter. Discuss how you will evaluate if the intervention plan is effectively helping your client meet their goals as identified in the action plan. Conclusion: Summarize what you discussed throughout the paper. The evaluation should include specific outcomes (increase in positive behaviors/feelings, completion of tasks etc.) and ways that you will utilize evaluation tools such as scales, frequency counts, documentation of completion of tasks, etc. You must also discuss how frequently you will collect evaluative information (weekly, monthly, every three months, etc.). The evaluation should not be based solely on client self-report or social worker observation. Writing Requirements: 5-6 pages, not including cover or reference pages APA style: Textbook and journal articles MUST be cited within the text of your paper and on the reference page Grammar and punctuation are extremely important Below I attached the report of my action plan for the movie called moonlight character named Chiron is the client. you will use my action plan report to create the intervention and evaluation plan