Discuss the relative costs of the available alternatives.

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MySQL Backup Steve has been working in the IT department of Rapid Falls Regional Shuttle Service for nearly three years. He has always backed up the MySQL database manually after close of business each day. Initially, this could be done in less than 30 minutes. However, the company has grown steadily and taking a backup now requires nearly 2 hours. Steve never gets home before 8:00 P.M. Of late, the availability of free disk-space has also become an issue. Describe the ways in which these problems can be resolved. Discuss the relative costs of the available alternatives. List the criteria Steve should use to choose a solution for the backup problem. As the database administrator for Rapid Falls Regional Shuttle, you recognize the need to reduce the time required to back up the MySQL database of the organization. Your plan is to experiment with the methods available and determine which method takes the least time. You start by: Creating a database based on the specifications provided by your facilitator. Identifying the steps required for the available backup alternatives. Use the alternatives discussed in the course. Each experiment will then be conducted as follows: Record the start time by taking a screen shot of the system clock of the server. Execute the backup process. Take a screen shot of the backup result. Record the finish time by taking the screen shot of the system clock of the server. When you capture the screen shots of the system clock of the server, be sure the seconds are displayed. In addition, you may need to use the INSERT and SELECT statement to generate enough data to have a measurable difference in the backup times. According to the Rapid Falls Regional Shuttle backup and recovery requirements, the system should be backed up regularly. Recovery procedures should also be documented for use when data needs to be recovered. List the steps for making a full backup. Then document the steps for performing a full recovery. Although making a backup prior to recovery can consume valuable time, it may be needed if the recovery fails. Include the screen shots for each step in the procedures.