Discuss the purpose and relevance of strategy to the contemporary organisation Apply appropriate data sources to analyse the organisation and its environment.

Preparation Phase: a series of exercises to develop and evaluate strategic options for your assigned company as a group, and Strategy Pitch: prepare a short 5 min presentation to pitch your strategy to the company. The preparation phase will include developing criteria to evaluate the options and selecting the strategic option(s) which will produce the highest level of future performance for the company. You will also be required to draw on your understanding of course concepts to answer questions, using examples to illustrate your understanding. This assignment will focus on content from the second part of the course, but will also draw together your understanding from earlier in the course. Group presentation and Canvas submission (Week 12) Presentation: during your scheduled workshop time Canvas submission: Friday 2nd of June at 5 pm. You will upload the canvas to Turnitin. Course Learning Outcome Assessed Discuss the purpose and relevance of strategy to the contemporary organisation Apply appropriate data sources to analyse the organisation and its environment Compare and contrast different tools and frameworks used in the strategic management process, and discuss their application and limitations Develop and evaluate future strategic options for the organisation which are consistent with analysis and insights Explore the implementation of strategies Apply skills in researching, interpreting and reporting of strategic management insights Important Notes on Groupwork in INTB605 Students who do not attend during the group formation period (Weeks 1-3) will not be placed in a group and will need to complete the assessment individually. Students cannot be nominated by others in their absence. Any students who have good reason to not be in class should email an explanation to their workshop lecturer, who will assist in making alternative arrangements. In general, groups are expected to be self-managing, and should try to resolve issues promptly amongst the group. However, any student who has regularly missed class in the first 6 weeks, and who has not been in regular contact with their group by Week 7, may be required to complete the assessment individually. A peer assessment process will occur in Weeks 4 & 12, and must be received by the workshop lecturer before the Assessment 3 grade is released. The workshop lecturer reserves the right to adjust the grades by up to one grade point (up or down) based on this assessment. Suggested Procedures You are to use the Assessment 3 Template-1.docx provided on Canvas to detail your evaluation and selection process. Briefly, these steps will cover: Dynamic SWOT to generate at least 8 alternatives consistent with analysis Description of 3 alternatives, demonstrating understanding of strategy types and modes of growth Development of Evaluation Criteria specific to the company Justification of strategic choice, bringing in course concepts You will then present (5 minutes) in class your chosen strategy to the company, linking back to your analysis. Every team member needs to have a designated part in the presentation. Assessment 3 Peer evaluation form Assessment 3 Peer evaluation form.docx : Instructions: This peer evaluation form must be attached to Assessment 3. Attach this form either at the beginning or end of the report. You might like to include it as a JPEG, TIF, PDF, etc. Once completed, the scores on this form should accurately reflect each team member’s individual performance and contribution to Assessment 3. Type the name of each team member into the appropriate space in the top cell of each column. The team should negotiate appropriate scores for each team member out of 5 for each criterion. Add up each team member’s score to generate a total for each team member out of 25. Each team member must sign the form in the appropriate space at the bottom of their column*. Penalty for late submission of assessment items The assignment is to be submitted online on time. Your assignment will be automatically submitted to TurnItIn for plagiarism check. Please note that plagiarism will not be tolerated. The penalty for late submission will be a reduction by 5% or one grade (e.g. B+ to B) per day up to a maximum of five days. An assessment item will not be marked if it is more than five days late. Marking and Feedback The mark allocation as per the Assessment Template: Part 1 (20 Marks each; 60 Marks in total) Step 1: Dynamic SWOT Step 2: Strategy Detail Step 3: Evaluating Options and Chosen Strategy Part 2 (40 Marks) Strategy Pitch: present (5 minutes maximum) your strategy to the company. Presentations will be during your scheduled workshop time. Presentation marking rubric Assessment-Reconsideration-Form-2 (1).do[order_button_a]