Discuss the amount of money your dreams will cost in dollars and time.

. Identify topics and subtopics to develop your thesis or general world view about taxes and your success. The more successful you become and the more money you make, you will also amass a healthy tax bill at the local, state and national levels. Taxes can take up yo 35% of your earned income before taxes (EBITA). How does that grab you? What is the current tax rate for individuals? Provide appropriate APA in-text and textbook based citations to support your worldview and perspectives based on the textbook. For every sentence, provide me with an in-text citation from the textbook to show how you are connecting the textbook to your discussion and eventual 10-year financial plan. Now that you have a theoretical perspective and world view regarding taxes at the local, state and national levels, explain how personal financial planning affects tax liability in response to awareness of how much your goals will cost over the long run (based on your completion of your goal setting activity). Discuss the amount of money your dreams will cost in dollars and time. How much Provide appropriate in-text citations to support your arguments, assertions, propositions, claims, and declarations. As you develop your 200 – 300 word discussion (count your words before submitting your work as I will count your words), reflect upon your Goal Setting activity before, during and after you write your thoughts out. How much will you have to earn to achieve the goals you have listed? Compare and contrast your thoughts to the textbook. Provide appropriate in-text citations. Organize your discussion using an introduction, body, and conclusion format. The thesis and overview of the main points go into the introduction. The body is based on the topics and subtopics based on the text book followed by a discussion relating to your openness to the idea of paying your fair amount of taxes as you develop wealth. The conclusion summarizes the main point and draws conclusions based on the textbook material. Are you on or off track as it relates to the textbook regarding your perspective of paying taxes. Don’t forget, please provide a plethora of appropriate APA compliant in-text citations to support your claims.[order_button_a]