Discuss stakeholders and their drive and/or ability for change Gives the demographics of the client/target (what does the community with the problem look like?).

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Program Design Community Assessment (Competencies: 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9) This assignment allows students to develop a human service program in an area of interest or expertise. The five-part assignment builds on the SOCW 5306 assessment of a community’s strengths and needs concerning a social condition/problem. The first part is a short community assessment which the program will address. The second part is a detailed description of the program. The third part is an evaluation of the program and its impact. The fourth part is the program budget and budget justification. The final part includes various information such as dissemination, marketing, and organizational capacity. Students will be expected to share their progress on this assignment with the class and consider class suggestions for improvement. Assessment Condition, target, history, services, capacities, needs, barriers, ethical and human rights issues, human behavior theory application, identified client tends 20 pts Program Vision, mission, program description, goals, objectives, tasks, policy practice activity 10 pts Evaluation Objectives, evaluation; information management 10 pts Financial Budget, revenues, expenditures, budget justification, future funding 10 pts Total 50 pts CAP Personal Plan (Competencies: 1, 2) Students will assess their community and administrative practice philosophy, concepts, and skills throughout the semester. At the end of the semester, students will submit a statement of their CAP philosophy, an assessment of their CAP capacities and needs, and an action plan with options for building on their capacities and addressing their needs along with specific recommendations that will help them become a more effective CAP practitioner. The paper should cover both community and administrative practice. Full Paper (Competencies: 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9) Please put all of the sections of your paper into one document and submit it online. If you choose to make changes to your paper, please make them in RED so I can easily identify the changes. UTA SSW SOCW 5312: Grading Rubric & Checklist for Evaluating a Program Design Section 1: Community Assessment Criteria Max points Your points Defines a condition of concern in terms of outcomes (vs. problems or services) States who defines condition as a problem, why, resulting problems, etc… 5 Discuss stakeholders and their drive and/or ability for change Gives the demographics of the client/target (what does the community with the problem look like?) Gives the history and causes of the condition and any trends 1 Gives evidence that the target experiences the condition/problems (baseline data, trend data, other relevant data) Presents best practices and model programs (if they exist) to address the condition and describes the evidence that these programs are successful 3 Presents existing services (agencies, location, program/services, number served, trend data as needed, etc…) Discuss the effectiveness of the current delivery system in order to identify strengths and needs Compares current services to model programs, continuum of care, best practices, etc… in order to identify strengths and needs 5 Capacities summarized from assessment and build on strengths of individuals, associations, applicant, agency, community, clients Needs summarized from assessment and are based in outcome rather than services (outputs) Presents the barriers identified by the assessment (language, culture, transportation, etc…) 3 Well referenced (sources of all facts provided, references to texts, readings, APA format used, etc…) Overall quality (solution not mentioned at this time, assessment time only!) Max total 20 The Community Assessment and Program are due October 30th