Discuss how to make healthcare coverage more affordable to Americans.

For my research paper, I would like to discuss how to make healthcare coverage more affordable to Americans. We can do this by improving patient care, and population health, and reducing healthcare through the Affordable Care Act Health Information Management Research Project (30%): research and write a paper summarizing current literature pertaining to the topic. Written summaries should be no more than 5 pages (excluding the title page) in length (typed, double-spaced) utilizing APA guidelines. Approved sources will be peer-reviewed journal articles (no older than 6 – 7 years), reputable news organizations (print or online), your current text, or other textbooks. Wikipedia is not considered a valid source of research. The student should consult the instructor prior to submission of the project if there are questions of the validity of the source. Some older sources may be considered “legacy” and acceptable but must be approved. Three or more references are required. ALHE Research Paper Rubric GRADING ITEMS POSSIBLE POINTS Was the research paper formatted in APA style 5 points? Did the topic relate/speak to Information Sharing in today’s HC system 5 points? Was the subject communicated in a professional manner and informative 10 points? Did evidence-based literature sites support the paper’s content 10 points? Overall rating _____/ 30 Punctuality[order_button_c]