Discuss how effectively the theoretical lens works as a framework for understanding the fiction text.

Scribner, “The Rest of Her Life” – 628 Digging into Literature, Bruner, 334 Length (final draft): 5-6 pages (not including works cited sheet) You need to submit a separate works cited sheet with this paper. For this essay you will need to use one of the stories and one of the theoretical texts above, as well as 1-2 outside sources of your choice to address the following prompt: Discuss how effectively the theoretical lens works as a framework for understanding the fiction text. Does Foucault’s/Bruner’s perspective offer the means to a thorough, persuasive analysis of the story? Are there any limitations to viewing the story through this lens, or any ways in which the story challenges or resists the lens? Your essay should be well-argued and well-organized. Be sure to state a thesis and consistently support your ideas with specific evidence from the texts. The outside source(s) you use should meet the standards for academic writing. Keep in mind some basic questions as you search: what is the basic publication info (author, date, venue, etc.)? Does the author verify, or give readers the means to verify, the info provided? What was the publication process (Did it need to be approved by an editor? Was it peer-reviewed? Was it fact-checked?)? Also keep in mind that the goal of the outside source(s) is to support the overall argument you are making about the texts. Focus first on determining what you plan to say about your chosen theoretical text and story, and build at least a tentative sense of your overall argument before you begin exploring outside sources. Your outside source(s) does not need to be utilized in every body paragraph of your essay—it/they may work to support just one of your specific claims, for instance. The expectation is that the outside source contributes meaningfully to your overall argument as a whole, whether that be through a single paragraph or multiple. Reminders: Follow MLA format for all in-text citations. Format your paper according to the MLA guidelines presented in your style manual. Include a title that captures your argument. I have attached my graded essay for you to check on the comments from the professor for improvement.[order_button_a]