Discuss bout changing role of HRM and the strategic impact of employee voice.

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ASSIGNMENT TASK:• Both tasks to be completed IN ESSAY FORMAT 1: Critically analyse the impact of technology on the nature of the changing role of human resource management (HRM) in the last 40 years in your industry. (1,250 words maximum) (L.O.1.) 2: Critically evaluate the strategic impact of the employee voice in enhancing organisational performance, in your industry . (1,250 words maximum) (L.O.2) TASK GUIDANCE:• Both tasks must be completed IN ESSAY FORMAT.• Each task must have a separate introduction and conclusion / summary (please factor this into the 1,250 word count per task.)• Adhere to the recommended word count for each task• Consider the skills outcomes developed by completing this assignment, which are: planning, research skills and writing skills.