Describe the rationale behind each prompt’s requirement that you read the assigned material, attend the lectures, and use extra sources to undertake outside research on the topic.

The course requires you to complete 14 discussion board posts. Each prompt requires you to engage the reading material and lectures as well as conduct external research on the subject using additional sources. Your sources must be properly cited. Peer-reviewed sources will be appropriate for this purpose. The prompts are worded so that you must define a term or concept before taking a clear position on the topic. I expect that 3-5 well-structured paragraphs, or 500-750 words, will be adequate for a full response but encourage you to use your best judgment. Your posts will be graded on a scale of 0-10 following the rubric posted on Blackboard. I will drop your lowest two grades, thus, 40% of your grade is based on your top 12 posts. The rubric below will guide the grading of the discussion board posts and serves as a guide for you in terms of considering proportionality of effort. The rubric has four dimensions.