Describe the descriptive and inferential data analysis you would perform to respond to a quantitative research sub-question.

Discussion question: For this post look at your topic and create one quantitative research sub-question. (Even if you are thinking about doing a qualitative study, do this quantitatively for this practice exercise- you do NOT have to include this particular sub-question to your actual pre-proposal, but you need to show a general understanding of how quantitative research works). Outline a quantitative data collection procedure for this sub-question. Specify the types of quantitative information you would collect, whether you would develop or locate an instrument, the criteria you would set for your instrument, and the administration procedures that would ensure standardization and ethical practices. (FYI,I do plan to do a qualitative study) Next describe how you would analyse your data descriptively and inferentially to answer a quantitative research sub-question. Discuss how you would select the appropriate statistic to use. Creswell & Guetterman (2019), Chapters 5 & 6 **I have attached all my assignments from my topic that you can pull from to use.[order_button_a]