Describe the basics of the “survey” by explaining the type of questions

Assignment Question

You’re going to “pretend” that everything we did in our various assignments was all for 1 study (even though there were separate parts). Incorporating our sources where relevant, submit the following in APA style: – APA Cover Page – Intro paragraph (w/ 3 parts) – Methods main section o Sampling subsection  derived from what you actually did – how you sampled/solicited participants for the Survey Collection Assignment (& perhaps parts of your Interpretation Assignment) o Participants subsection  derived from SPSS Fake Data – use the sample size & sex, Age, and Education writeup from your Descriptives Assignment o Procedures subsection derived from what participants actually did – details of them taking the surveys o Measures sub-subsection of Procedures

 Describe the basics of the “survey” by explaining the type of questions (e.g., demographics, some open, some Likert-type, etc.) asked  Include key details on the scale’s stats – use the TMA scale data (Computer, Phone, Overall Tech) from the Descriptives Assignment – Results main section o Preliminary findings subsection  Use the 5 abuse types (total & by sex) data from Descriptives Assignment o Substantive findings subsection  Use the data from Relationships Assignment – Discussion main section o Limitations subsection  Use negatives noticed about the process parts of your Interpretation Assignment o Future Directions subsection  Use the “for the future” parts from Interpretation Assignment – Conclusion paragraph (w/ 3 parts)

APA Reference Page o At least 7 sources from our class materials (see “unformatted list” in Resources folder), incorporated appropriately (i.e., where they actually support what you write) in the paper.