Describe the application of discourse analysis to this study.

Describe the application of discourse analysis to this study. One hundred wordsWith this data, what were you hoping to find?It’s a discourse analysis of the interview that Megan Markle and Harry had when they got engaged and the interview of Megan and Ophra. I have to use 4 data extracts (2 from each interview) to explain one theme. Therefore, these are the number of words per section:-Explain how discourse analysis was applied to this research: 100 words-What were you looking for with this data?: 50 words-Explain the theme and name at least 6 references: 150 words-Show 4 interview extracts to interpret the theme and explain/interpret what it shows: 200 words I have attached 4 extracts showing how, in both interviews, they show that they are and think differently from the rest of the royal house and they want to show that to everyone, they want people to believe in change. However, I have attached the two interviews in case you find better examples or need the whole information. Please, feel free to text me with any questions and please, do not use any robot text generator as I had to complain in the past as someone sent me an essay that was done with Chat GPT.[order_button_a]