Describe results for the 5 domains and select a few of the 30 facets for a total of between 7-10 items of interest to discuss in the report interpretation.

For this assignment, I had to take the NEO Personality Inventory 3 Test. I have uploaded my NEO test results, which you will use to write a NEO-PI-3 Testing Report, just like the sample test report I provided. Please make sure you follow the directions and the template as in the sample paper and that you write this as professionally and uniquely as possible. The book you will be using is: Title: Counseling Assessment and Evaluation ISBN: 9781452226248 Authors: Joshua C. Watson, Brandé Flamez DIRECTIONS: Use the template format, You and your NEO-PI-3 results are the subject of the report. Use information about yourself to inform the interpretation in the report. The “Results” section for this report is a listing of the domain and facet T-scores with the corresponding ranges. Begin with the report template linked above. In this Test Report you are restating some of what you received in your computerized score and summary reports, in the format provided for this assignment. You do need to transcribe / type out the results in the provided format. For the “Technical Interpretation” section it is not only copy/paste information from the test manual or summary report for the section. The report assignment is to use terminology/definitions as necessary, and taken from the manual and/or your computer generated summary report (in some cases word for word!), to explain the results in this section. For example, you will discuss the 5 domains (e.g., Neuroticism, Extroversion, etc.) and include a brief definition from the manual of what each one means. However, you won’t have space to (nor do I want you to) define and discuss every single facet score from the inventory (that would be 30 definitions in addition to the 5 domains!). Describe results for the 5 domains and select a few of the 30 facets for a total of between 7-10 items of interest to discuss in the report interpretation. The goal of the Technical Interpretation section is a succinct overview of scores in terms a reader can understand and using guidance from the test materials. Highlight those facets of particular interest (e.g., scores falling outside of the “average” range; facet scores that differ from others in the same domain). You will need to be judicious in what you choose to focus on and how you summarize the relevant findings coherently. You will use language from the Test Manual, Summary Report and other tools provided without putting that information in quotes (this is the ‘technical’ part – using the language provided). You will also include a brief statement of treatment implications, based upon the NEO score report, how might the results (and conversation with the client) inform the counselor’s approach to treatment. You may choose to suggest a goal to explore. Finally, you will review the NEO PI Interpretations Graphs document and select ONE graph (other than wellbeing, which is the first graph). Select one style grid relevant to the NEO results and describe the findings using the Interpetations Graph document. You do not need to actually draw a graph, rather specify the Style Grid you select, the Domains (and scores of the domains) that were graphed to obtain the stated results. Your prepared NEO Test Report is to be uploaded to this assignment in .doc or .docx format no later than Saturday, November 25 before the end of the day.[order_button_a]