Describe how administrative law judges (ALJs) undertake administrative hearings involving complainants and respondents when there is a claim of a regulation violation. Administrative agencies are responsible for enforcing specific sections of the law.

Up to this point we have learned that administrative agencies enforce certain areas of the law and have administrative law judges (ALJs) who hold administrative hearings involving complainants and respondents when there is an allegation of violation of a regulation. Also during this week we are learning about employment law, labor law and workplace laws and regulations. Often the Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC) enforces these laws and regulations and holds administrative hearings. Play this administrative hearing at this link: Links to an external site. Posting #1 Due Thursday of the Week (worth 4 points): Answer the following questions in light of our materials this week: 1. What Law is involved here? (Ie. what law is the plaintiff alleging that the employer violated —- you need to be specific as to the title of the federal law/Act) 2. Did the employer terminate the employee because of her religious practice? 3. Could the employer have accommodated the religious practice without undergoing an undue hardship? Why/why not? 4. Assume this is an administrative hearing, does there have to be a jury to decide this case or can the ALJ decide? 5. Who should win this administrative complaint and why? Posting #2 & #3: Due Sunday of the Week (worth .50 points each) Now pick two (2) other student’s case presentations on this board. For each, review their first postings and explain if you agree or disagree with each of their 1-5 answers and explain why.