Describe and investigate how supply chain velocity could be improved in a procurement setting by utilising blockchain technology.

eport format with appropriately named and numbered sections and subsections LENGTH: 2000 words ± 10% (which excludes tables, references, and appendices). TYPOGRAPHY: Arial, size 11 or 12, 11⁄2 line spacing, with justified margins. Pages should be numbered at the bottom right. REFERENCING: Harvard referencing style should be used, and a minimum of 20 academic sources must be referenced (include in-text citation, include page number/paragraph number). TASK:Supply chain velocity, which refers to the speed at which goods and information flow through a supply chain, is a critical factor in achieving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Blockchain technology has gained significant attention for its potential to transform procurement and supply chain management by improving transparency, traceability, and security. Referring to an international business of your choice, you are required to explore how blockchain could be used within a procurement context to enhance supply chain velocity. Focus on the DOCUMENTS, refer to the PPT. Complete instruction and more details in the file attached.