Describe a plan for leveraging your strengths and/or improving your leadership skills moving forward.

Throughout this course, we have explored various ways to consider our professional lives within a larger context. From discovering our strengths, to exploring best career fit, to networking, we viewed these ideas in light of our career as a vocation and calling. In other words, we re-imagined our work as service to something beyond our own interests. We also considered our who we are, our strengths, with the intent to enhance the organizations we lead in the future. Your summative assignment for this course is to reflect on these ideas, integrating your professional roadmap and the idea of vocation into a concise 2-3-page paper. In your paper, please accomplish the following: Describe how your self-awareness has changed in this class. Refer back to your Myers Briggs Type Indicator report: list your top 2 strengths and top challenges that your report outlined. Describe a plan for leveraging your strengths and/or improving your leadership skills moving forward. Reflect on the idea of your professional identity as a vocational life that is informed by the Christian faith. If this idea is new to you, describe new insights you have gained in this area. Using the contents from this course, outline a vocational plan for your future after graduation which includes: one goal related to your work career one goal related to relationships/family/lifestyle one goal related to personal interests and development specific action steps for each goal you listed above Briefly discuss any insights you have had on using your profession to impact society. Final Paper Requirements Your final paper should be no longer than 3 pages and submitted as a Word document, in either APA or AMA format, and no later than Friday of Week 8. You should arrange the sections of the paper as follows, with each section identified by a subheading: Introduction: Although the introduction appears first in your paper, it should be written last, and should provide a picture or overview of the general ideas, discoveries and conclusions outlined in the paper. Body: Address each bullet point above with separate subheadings. Conclusion: A clear conclusion that brings together the entire paper and succinctly restates and synthesizes your major points.[order_button_a]