Create or cut/paste from the internet a logo for your party and explain what the logo means.

For this assignment you will select 5 political issues that you deeply care about (abortion, gun control, immigration, the environment, etc) and compare/contrast how the 3 major parties address your issues. I want you to be an informed voter and use the political parties’ official websites to research their positions on issues you care about. this link wil help with voters issues.

You will summarize in your own words in a typed Word document or Excel Chart each party’s platform or position on your issues. Do not simply cut/paste word-for-word their party position because you are submitting this to the Turnitin plagiarism checker.

I will not accept any work that receives 20% or higher on the report! Link to each of the parties below: Republican Party – Democrat Party – Libertarian Party – DO NOT USE ANY OTHER WEBSITES TO OBTAIN THIS INFORMATION! Only from tehse 3 links for the parties should be used. Once you have completed the chart, you will then choose the best 3 ideas (parties’ platform) you agree with (1 from each party) and include 2 ideas from whichever party or create your own for a total of 5.


You will use these ideologies to create your own political party. You will need to come up with a creative name for your party and explain why you chose the name.

Finally, you will create or cut/paste from the internet a logo for your party and explain what the logo means. For example, my party is called The Hersheybar Party – because everyone loves chocolate and our party wants to live in harmony.

My logo is a Hershey chocolate bar wrapped in a flag because I love our country. Ensure that your political party name and logo reflect your ideology and platform. For this project, I would expect a minimum of 2 pages of information.

You will upload your document and Turnitin will provide a scoring report, which is why you cannot cut/paste the party platforms…summarize them in your own words! Remember, you must not submit any work without proper citations so be sure to site the official websites for the 3 parties, including the credits for the images you use for your logo. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER RESOURCES and be sure to include a works cited page listing them.