Create a presentation with a voiceover containing at least six slides that uses words, images, and narration.

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Part 2: Presentation Showing that you know and understand counterarguments to your position on a topic strengthens your argument in the eyes of your reader. It demonstrates that you have done your homework and considered all sides of an issue before establishing a position and offering a solution.

Guidelines Imagine that you have been asked to present your argument at a conference on your paper’s chosen topic. Then, imagine a few scholars in the field who disagree with your claim are present in the audience. During the question-and-answer session after your presentation, two scholars counter your paper’s position. In a presentation, you want to let your audience know what these arguments are and work to convince the audience that your position is the stronger one or that your solution is the better one. Both sides will have merit, but help your audience understand why your claim is the more logical and reasonable one.

Create a presentation with a voiceover containing at least six slides that uses words, images, and narration. Develop two of the strongest scholarly counterarguments against your paper’s claim (two slides for each argument). Convince the audience that these claims are weak, based on the research you conducted (two slides). Do not demean the opposition, call them names, or directly attack their positions. If your argument is truly the stronger one, it should stand up against fairly presented academic research. You will record yourself orally giving the presentation while displaying the slides. Record the presentation and voiceover together using the Screen Recording feature of Kaltura’s CaptureSpace. You will display your slides on your desktop while recording your voice. Save your presentation as a video file and submit it using the appropriate assignment link. For assistance on how to create a video and use the Screen Recording CaptureSpace tool in Kaltura, be sure to visit: Using Kaltura Video Tools in Moodle. Use the “CaptureSpace” tool section of the linked document to help with your presentation.