Choose one cold case from the seven detailed below. Then conduct research on your case in order to build your report.

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Cold Case File (20%) Learning Outcomes 2, 3, & 4

Criminal Psychology: Psychopaths and Serial Killers Assignment Description Have you ever heard of the Vidocq Society? It is an elite members-only crime-solving club, founded in 1990, that aids law enforcement by solving cold cases. More recently, Dr.Michael Arntfield at Western University founded the “Western University Cold Case Society.” This Cold Case File is based on one given by Dr. Arntfield to his students. Like the Vidocq Society, our class will become an investigative society comprised of intelligent and educated students, possessing a variety of backgrounds, languages, and talents, and passionate about criminal psychology and psychopathy (you). You will choose a real-life, unsolved serial killer case from the list of cold cases below. These cases may be inactive or “cold,” but are still officially “open” and unsolved within the FBI or some other law enforcement agency. You will undertake significant research and engage in criminal investigative procedures in order to build a professional Cold Case File. You will use a variety of media ranging from class readings, books, articles from the Library or another library, newspaper articles, crime reports found online, etc. Your Goal? To develop a workable theory on your case.

Your Task You will choose one cold case from the seven detailed below. You will then conduct research on your case in order to build your report. Potential sources that are freely available online and which you may want to consult about your case include: • books, journal articles, newspaper articles • news stories, possibly contemporary to the crime • podcasts • websites, blogs, databases • birth and death notices• Social media – Twitter; Facebook pages dedicated to victims often provide information on the victim *YOU MAY NOT REACH OUT TO ANY FAMILY MEMBERS OR FRIENDS OF THE VICTIMS, OR ANYONE CONNECTED TO THE CASE* You will then sift through, categorize, and investigate information relating to the case. Your Goal is to develop a workable theory on your case, including hypotheses on possible patterns or motives. Thoroughly investigated reports will offer a profile of the killer and/or theories as to their identity. Some of our class readings may come in handy here. You may also put forward new leads in your cold case. To Submit You will submit a Cold Case File.

In this report, analyze what work has already been done on the case, identify what else could be done, and what could be done better. You will bring your fresh perspectives to cases that are now considered “old.”

Your Cold Case File must: • be 8-12 pages in length, written in full sentences • be double-spaced • include a title page and a References page • include images • include a minimum of 5 sources, listed in a References page, formatted in APA • include a variety of sources, for example, newspaper articles, books, and websites. You may want to divide your report into workable sections. Sections to include may be • Profile of the victim – what do we know about them? • Details of the crime. • Known suspects (if any) and their connection to the victim (if any) Ensure that you understand your responsibilities regarding academic integrity. One component of academic integrity is ensuring the work you submit demonstrates your own thinking and writing, while also referencing the ideas and writing of others appropriately. Students must write their assignments in their own words. Whenever students take an idea or a passage from another author, they must acknowledge this by properly referencing their sources. In our class, we use APA. All references should be APA formatted. All assignments will be submitted through Safe Assign, via Blackboard. It is your responsibility to understand what academic dishonesty is – not knowing cannot be used as an argument. Be sure to carefully read the college’s policy and procedures on academic Integrity. If you have any questions, please reach out to me about your work well in advance of the due date for advice.

GRADE BREAKDOWN Information (6 marks) • demonstrates strong evidence of having thoroughly researched the case • shows familiarity with the events of the crime, victim profile, profile of potential, and profile of the killer • shows familiarity with the sources used to support this case Research (6 marks) • demonstrates analyses of a variety of sources • draws on class materials and/or readings covered in the previous week in proper in-text citation style for all support Mechanics (4 marks) • little to no grammar or spelling errors • provides a title page • provides a references page formatted in APA Design (4 marks) • report has a strong structure, and is clear and easy to absorb • includes images • material is grouped together and categorized in a logical way

List of Cold Cases The Murders of Barry and Honey Sherman Barry and Honey Sherman were discovered dead in their home in Toronto on December 15th, 2017. Police have said that the billionaire couple died of “ligature neck compression” by“unknown assailants.” Toronto Police have identified numerous suspects and people of interest who might have been responsible, but the case remains cold.